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Arling and Cameron

Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron are an Amsterdam-based duo. Their music covers a range of styles from gentle retro-pop to funky to the genre known in Japan as Happy Charm Fool Dance Music. (For more information on HCFDM, see this site's introduction.)

  cover of Arling and Cameron's album All-In
Arling and Cameron Links

Emperor Norton Records - Arling and Cameron - Part of the site for Emperor Norton, Arling and Cameron's U.S. label. Released their albums All-In (1999) and We Are A & C (2001). Includes media clips, a biography, photos, and more.

Official Arling and Cameron site - This comprehensive site includes news, a discography, media clips, links to articles about Arling and Cameron, a listing of tour dates, information about Drive-In (the Dutch record label they run) and more. In English.

Interview of Arling and Cameron in Splendid E-Zine - This interview discusses the creation of Arling and Cameron's 2000 album Music for Imaginary Films.

St. Louis Citysearch interview of Arling and Cameron - From summer 2000, when Arling and Cameron were touring in support of Music for Imaginary Films..

Arling and Cameron - AMG All Music Guide Profile - This profile from the All Music Guide site provides background information on Arling and Cameron, a discography of their releases, and reviews of selected releases.

Arling and Cameron at Insound - Arling and Cameron merchandise at Insound.com, which sells indie-oriented music online.


Arling and Cameron (and a member of their band)
at the Black Cat, Washington, D.C., July 13, 2000


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