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Unlike Ben Folds Five, Pizzicato Five did at one time (in its early days in the mid-eighties) have five members. However, by the time their music was first released in the U.S. in the early nineties, they were down to three. Prior to disbanding in March 2001, Pizzicato Five consisted of two members, musical mastermind Yasuharu Konishi and singer Maki Nomiya.

Pizzicato Five's music reflects Konishi's varied musical interests. Albums like Playboy & Playgirl (a.k.a. The International Playboy Playgirl Record) bear an obvious debt to '60s pop, bossa nova, and lounge, while Happy End of the World is strongly influenced by the club music to which Konishi began paying attention in the early nineties.

  cover of Pizzicato Five's Playboy & Playgirl

Pizzicato Five Links

Matador Records - Pizzicato Five - On the site for Pizzicato Five's U.S. record label, Matador, this snazzy site offers a biography, discography, and RealAudio samples.

Readymade Records Pizzicato Five page - This site resides on the site for Nippon Columbia. While such arrangements between major and indie labels are rare in the U.S., in Japan, Nippon Columbia distributes Pizzicato Five's records and others released by Readymade (a.k.a. *********), of which Yasuharu Konishi's is the label producer. Navigation in English, text mostly in Japanese.
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Readymade Entertainment, Tokyo - This site has information on Konishi's "Readymade" DJ event and other DJing and musical ventures of Konishi, Masanori Ikeda, and Comoestas. Navigation in English, text mostly in Japanese.

Pizzicato Five mailing list - This list is a great place to find information on Pizzicato Five and other Shibuya-kei and Japanese artists.

L-R: Me (Christine) and Pizzicato Five's Yasuharu Konishi
at Club Metro in Kyoto, May 29, 1999 (Metro's 10th Anniversary Party)

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