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Ursula 1000

The project of New York-based DJ Alex Gimeno, Ursula 1000 is a pleasing synthesis of funky/quirky breakbeat and Happy Charm Fool Dance Music. (For more information on those genres, see this site's introduction.)

Ursula 1000's releases on Washington, D.C.'s Eighteenth Street Lounge Music include the full-lengths The Now Sound of Ursula 1000 and Kinda Kinky; the mix CD All Systems Are Go-Go (including tracks by "Variety Is the Spice of Life" favorites Le Hammond Inferno and Montparnasse); and the 12-inches "Very Leggy," "The Shake," "Beatbox Cha Cha," and "Samba 1000."

Ursula 1000 Links


Official Ursula 1000 website - Includes a discography, news section, press excerpts, and more.


ESL Music - Ursula 1000 - On the site of the Eighteenth Street Lounge Music record label.


Dublab is an online music source. On the site is an Ursula 1000 DJ set and an interview.

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