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The New York Times on the Web - Requires free registration.
       World section
       U.S. section
       Arts section
       Magazine - Sunday New York Times Magazine.

Washingtonpost.com - Online version of the Washington Post.
       Nation section
       World section
       Politics section
       Metro section
       Style section
             Carolyn Hax - current column and archives / column and archives from March 13, 2011 and earlier
             Carolyn Hax - most recent live online chat and transcripts / Carolyn Hax - chat transcripts from March 18, 2011 and earlier

       Weekend section
             The print edition of "Weekend" includes capsule movie reviews, which (alas) are hard to fine in the online version. To find them online,
                scroll down the page and look for something like: "Also Playing - Page WE31 - A star (*) denotes a movie recommended by our critics."
       Going Out Guide (entertainment guide, formerly named "City Guide")
          Items related to the Going Out Gurus:
              - The GOG (Going Out Gurus) Blog
               - Nightlife Agenda - This Week in Nightlife - Comes out on Thursdays; the link changes from week to week.
                     Depending on the day of the week, the Nightlife Agenda may or may not be linked from the City Guide page.
                        When it's not, the best strategy is to search Washingtonpost.com for the phrase nightlife agenda.
               - Going Out Gurus "Got Plans?" live online chat - Chats since March 17, 2011 / Chats from March 10, 2011 and earlier.

       Sunday Arts section
       Sunday Source section
       Sunday Magazine
              Date Lab archives
       Arts and Living Guide
       Live Online chats

The New Yorker - Legendary weekly magazine.

The Guardian - Left-leaning British paper.

Newsweek/MSNBC Online - Includes content from MSNBC, the U.S. edition of Newsweek, and the international edition of Newsweek.

The Economist - British magazine covering international business and world affairs.

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