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  WMUC is the station on which "Variety Is the Spice of Life" airs. Some particularly useful pages within WMUC's site are the current schedule, which has e-mail links for most DJs and web page links for several shows, information on how to listen to WMUC's online broadcast, links to archived shows, and (for those who live in the DC metro area) information on how to maximize your WMUC reception.

Radioactive - Broadcasting online (and at 89 FM in Wellington, New Zealand). Use Time Zone Converter in conjunction with the program schedule to figure out what's on when.

  Though not everything on Radio One is quite as eclectic as the late John Peel's legendary show, nonetheless the station exemplifies the astonishing musical diversity of mainstream British radio compared to American radio. Listen to BBC1 online and check out shows such as Peel's (Tues.-Thu. 10pm-12mid in the UK, 5-7 pm U.S. ET) and Gilles Peterson's (Wed. night/Thurs. morning midnight-2am in the UK, Wed. 7-9 pm U.S. ET).


Dublab is an online music source that broadcasts a live stream and has archives featuring DJ mixes (and in some cases interviews) from numerous artists, among them:

D*I*R*T*Y Digital Culture [a.k.a. DIRTY, D-i-r-t-y.com] - online music source with an archive of DJ sets by such artists as:

  XFM is the British radio station that airs the downtempo show "Flo-Motion" on Sundays from 10 pm to midnight UK time (5-7 pm U.S. ET).

For 56K modem users, the site can take a frustratingly long time to load; however, you can bypass the slow loading times by jumping straight to the online broadcast: high quality for 56K modems and up, or low quality for 28K modems and below.

M50 - Website of Chicago-based DJ M50, contributing host of the electronic music show "Etc." on WNUR, the radio station of Northwestern University. "Etc." airs on Friday nights (Saturday mornings) 1:30-5 a.m. U.S. ET. Genres include hip-hop, trip-hop, jungle, digital hardcore, industrial, minimal techno, hard techno, dub, drill and bass, IDM (intelligent dance music), experimental electronics, ambient, and house. The site contains audio archives for the show.

2kool4radio.com - Online music source that has two DJ sets by the Avalanches.

  WAMU, 88.5 FM Washington, DC - This public radio station broadcasts NPR and BBC news, as well as locally-produced public affairs shows. For more information, see the program schedule.

  WETA, 90.9 FM Washington, DC - This public radio station broadcasts classical music and NPR news. For specifics, see the program schedule.

  National Public Radio - Includes news, program descriptions, links to NPR stations across the country and the world, and more.

In high school I listened to WXYC (the University of North Carolina student radio station) and WXDU (the Duke University student radio station--see below). Their eclectic formats helped shape the philosophy for my own show when I began DJing at Emory University's WMRE in the fall of 1992.
  In the fall of 2001, the Spectator magazine named WXYC the Triangle area's best radio station for cutting-edge music, lauding it as follows: "The student-run station at UNC-Chapel Hill remains the best local radio station to hear uncommonly sharp and challenging sounds. The wide-open format is mannah from heaven to those of us with short attention spans and wide-ranging musical taste. Duke University's WXDU 88.7 is a close runner-up, but XYC gets the edge for the commitment to free-form radio throughout the week."

  While home in Chapel Hill in the summer of 1993, between my freshman and sophomore years in college, I was fortunate enough to DJ at WXDU, the student radio station of Duke University.

Note: I listened to Spinner.com a lot between about 2001 and 2004. Then it became Radio @ Netscape Plus, then Radio @ AOL. Now it has a fascist feature where you can only listen for two hours or so a day. I used to enjoy the Abstract Beats channel, but I don't think I'll be messing with it (or having it linked on my website) any more.

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