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  Groove Distribution - Extensive stock, good service. No wonder it seems to be the preferred online store for so many downtempo DJs.

  Dusty Groove - The online arm of this Chicago record store has a veeeeerrrry tempting selection of vinyl and a decent selection of CDs.

  Rough Trade - Legendary London record store with branches in the Brick Lane and Notting Hill areas. The store also does mailorder.

Sister Ray - London record store.

Music and Video Exchange - Fantastic London record store with numerous branches.

Tokyo Record Hunting Service - As it bills itself, "used CDs for cheap from Tokyo, Japan." Keep in mind that since new Japanese CDs are ridiculously expensive, used ones cost only slightly less than a new disc in the U.S. But the selection (Shibuya-kei) is pretty good, and for Japanese releases the prices are very attractive.

Other Music - New York-based independent music store.

  Insound - Independent music store.

  Forced Exposure - Somerville, Massachusetts-based online music store that provides very detailed descriptions of its stock.

  Bent Crayon - Cleveland, Ohio-based online music store with a good selection of electronic music and detailed descriptions of items in its catalogue.

611 Records - Philadelphia-based dance music store.

Joe's Record Paradise - Store in Silver Spring, Maryland with attractive prices. Good for finding older records.

Comfort - Mailorder place based in Kyoto, Japan. Offers both CD and vinyl.
     Useful pages on the site include label-specific listings for L'Appareil-Photo Bis, Escalator, and more, as well as an index of artists.

  Jet Set Records - Now offering online ordering, Jet Set is a Japan-based record store with branches in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kobe. Check out their recommendations in the Big Beat/Lounge/House category (formerly Big Beat/HCFDM).


YesAsia.com - Formerly AsiaCD.com, YesAsia has a music section that offers a selection of CDs by Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and Korean artists. In addition to Japanese CD pressings, it also offers CDs intended for the "overseas" (i.e., Asian overseas) market, which are substantially cheaper than those intended for the Japanese market. It also has VCDs, a low-cost video format popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong that plays both in CD-ROM drives and in DVD players.

CD Japan - Japan-based mailorder company.

EAR/Rational Music - Online music store with a somewhat cumbersome interface.

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