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Music Journalism

(Press Written and Edited by Christine Moritz)

Music Journalism - Items Written by Christine Moritz

Update on the Raw Fusion label - RE:UP Magazine, Manual 13 (Spring 2007)

Review of Laroca's Friends in Faraway Places - RE:UP Magazine, Manual 11 (Fall 2006)

Review of All India Radio's Permanent Evolutions - RE:UP Magazine, Manual 010 (May 2006)

"Hope for a Dub Generation: Fat Freddy's Drop" - RE:UP Magazine, Manual 009 (January 2006)

"Cities of Foam, Risen from the Ashes" - RE:UP Magazine, Manual 008 (October 2005)

Review of Amillionsons' The First One's Free - RE:UP Magazine, Manual 008 (October 2005)

"Alice Russell, Hurrying On to Solo Acclaim" - RE:UP Magazine, Manual 006 (February 2005)

"Uncommon Denominator" (interview with Quantic) - posted on the Ubiquity Records website from September 2004 to May 2005

"Brighton Beats Memoirs" (interview with A. Skillz and Krafty Kuts) - Innerloop Magazine, July/August 2004

Music Journalism - Selected Items Edited by Christine Moritz

"Kings of Cross" (interview with Fort Knox Five, written by Julie Carney) - Innerloop Magazine, February 2004

"Disconnected Pop" (article on Funkstörung, written by Jorge E. Bañales) - Innerloop Magazine, April/May 2004

"Cali Beats" (interview with Reid Speed; introduction by Christine Moritz, interview by Andy Cerutti) - Innerloop Magazine, April/May 2004

Other Journalism - Items Written and Edited by Christine Moritz

Christine Moritz edited Maryland International, the newsletter of the University of Maryland's Office of International Programs, from the Spring 2002 Vol. I issue through the Fall 2004 Vol. II issue.

To can download these issues, see the Maryland International indexes for 2004, 2003, and 2002.

In addition, two articles by Christine appeared in the Summer 2005 edition of Maryland International.


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