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Washingtonpost.com "Got Plans," Jan. 29, 2009


Christine Moritz was mentioned in the Jan. 29, 2009 edition of the weekly online chat "Got Plans," a feature in which the Washingtonpost.com's Entertainment Guide experts take questions from readers.

Transcript of the complete Jan. 29, 2009 chat

The relevant Q&A:

Washington, D.C.: Hey gurus, I'm going to Saturday's Thievery concert and was wondering if you had any idea (or an estimate) when they will go on. Any opening acts? (none reported on the 9.30 website) Thanks!!!

David: Lots of questions about Thievery's five-night run of sold out shows at 9:30. Here's a Night 1 review by Mark Jenkins. Pretty positive report, sounds like about what you'd expect: Garza and Hilton + 6-piece band + 8 singers. Heavy focus on the dub-reggae sound, sometimes a tendency to sound a bit samey. There's no official opening act; we know that Christine Moritz, an ESL regular who we write about in Nightlife Agenda sometimes, was the pre-show DJ the first couple nights, not sure if that's the case for the rest of the run. [Note: Christine DJ'd all five nights.] Official start time for TC tonight is 9 p.m., but if it's closer to 9:15 or 9:30 don't be surprised. Move that back an hour for Friday and Saturday. Anyone check out either of the first two shows? Reports?

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