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Washingtonpost.com "Got Plans," Feb. 6, 2003


Christine Moritz was mentioned in the Feb. 6, 2003 edition of the weekly online chat "Got Plans," a feature in which the Washingtonpost.com's Entertainment Guide experts take questions from readers.

Transcript of the complete Feb. 6, 2003 chat

The relevant Q&A:

Falls Church, Va.: I read the story on the Girl DJs in the Weekend section, but had other plans Friday night. When is the next event, and how can I find out more about the group? Thank you.

The Going Out Gurus: Hey, Falls Church. The Girl Friday events are the last Friday of the month on the Black Cat's back stage. There's no cover. You can also catch First Ladies member dj lil'e (Britpop and Anglophilia) this Saturday on the back stage, or Christine Moritz (downtempo electronic music) every Sunday at Bossa.

(Note: Due to philosophical differences, Christine chose to leave the First Ladies DJ Collective as of July 2003. DJ Lil'E, also mentioned in the above Q&A, left the group in the spring of 2003.)

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