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December 2007

Radio show: Dec. 8
Radio special: "The Way I Fell for Tru Thoughts," Dec. 9

Radio show, Saturday, 12/807

Artist - Song - Label

Badmarsh and Shri - Signs - Outcaste (UK) / PIAS
Mama Oliver - East West (Stoned Together) (Resmoked by Richard Dorfmeister) - Uptight (Austria)
Paul Murphy - Seven Samurai - Afro Art (UK)
Only Child - Lock It - Grand Central (UK)
Aim - Landlord - ATIC (UK)
Yes King - 40 Long Days (feat. Veba, Pete Simpson, and Ayak) - Yes King (U.S.)
Wallis Bird - Moodsets (Part Time Heroes Remix) - Island/Universal
Aaron Jerome feat. Kathrin de Boer - Blow Your Own - BBE (UK)
Treva Whateva - Music's Made of Memories - Ninja Tune (UK/Canada)
The Black Seeds - Way the World - Best Seven (Germany) / Sonar Kollektiv (Germany)
Thievery Corporation feat. Emiliana Torrini - Until the Morning (Rewound by Thievery Corporation) - ESL Music (U.S.)
Kabuki feat. Cleveland Watkiss - Speed of Sound (Frost & Wagner Remix) - Best Seven (Germany) / Sonar Kollektiv (Germany)
Rae & Christian feat. the Congos - Hold Us Down (Faze Action Reggae Remix) - Grand Central (UK)
Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now - Skint (UK)
Boozoo Bajou feat. Top Cat - Killer (King Britt Party Mix Vocal) - K7 (Germany/U.S.)
Secret Stealth - Stealth 1 - Bocajito (UK)
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band - Casino (Lucky Day Retake by Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band) - Emperor Norton (U.S.)
Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - Beggin' (Pilooski Re-Edit) - 679 Recordings (UK)
Freddy Fresh - C'mon - Harthouse (UK)
Wildcat - The Woodpecker of Mars - Bolshi (UK)
Bobby Dazzler - The Sons of Silence - EMI Soundtracks (UK) / Leaf (UK)
QSO feat. AR [Quantic Soul Orchestra feat. Alice Russell) - Follow Me (Left and Right) - Rebtuz (UK)

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Radio special: "The Way I Fell for Tru Thoughts" - Sunday, 12/9/07

The recording of this show is online. Listen via streaming/downloadable MP3 (113 MB; 128 kbps); to save directly, right-click on the link and select "Save As."

This show was part of the series "The Way I Fell for You," in which Purple Radio DJs explain how they fell for a particular artist, record label, or genre.

Artist - Song - Label

Bonobo - Terrapin - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Bonobo - Terrapin (Mr. Scruff Remix) [as played at 33 rpm] - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Dublex Inc. - Tango Forte (Quantic Remix) - Pulver (Germany)
Quantic - Apricot Morning - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Deeds Plus Thoughts - You've Been Missing - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Jon Kennedy - Am I Groovin' You (Quantic Remix) - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Treva Whateva - Singalong - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Mangataot - Propolis - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Deeds Plus Thoughts - Dayton Bumps - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Quantic feat. Alice Russell - Sweet Calling (Bears in the Wood Mix) - Tru Thoughts (UK)
The Limp Twins - Moving Closer to the Sofa - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Bonobo - The Plug (Quantic Remix) - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Flevans - Small Room Syndrome - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Diesler - City of God - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Mawglee - Nouby Rapture - Tru Thoughts (UK)
Mawglee - So Out of Luck - Bastard Jazz (U.S.)
Bah Samba feat. Alice Russell - So Tired of Waiting (Bah Samba Original Live) - Estereo (UK)
Alice Russell - To Know This (Nu:Tone Remix) - Tru Thoughts (UK)
TM Juke feat. Kinny - Damn (Drumagick Remix) - Tru Thoughts (UK)

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