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Puffy (a.k.a. Puffy AmiYumi)

Puffy Links

Sony Japan English-language Puffy site - Includes an informative biography and a discography with RealAudio clips of selected songs. Part of the Sony Japan English-language site), which provides English-language information on Puffy and other artists selected for Sony's first three Japan Not for Sale samplers.

Sony Japan Japanese-language Puffy site - Part of the Sony Japan Japanese-language site, which covers the full range of Sony Japan's artists. Includes pages on Aco, Chara, Puffy, and numerous others. Navigation in English, text mostly in Japanese.
      If you want software to support Japanese text for your browser (either to read Japanese pages, or just to preserve their visual integrity), check out the free download site for NJStar Communicator at NJStar.


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